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Conan Exiles - Cinematic

Conan Exiles update 24 – Dungeon “The Dregs”

New dungeon, recipies, armor and weapons. Patch Highlights NEW CONTENT: Added a new dungeon “The Dregs” Re-enabled the hammer secondary attack Disabled 2H spear secondary attack Further tweaks to NPC camps (especially capitals) to allow them...

Conan Exiles - Cinematic

Conan Exiles – Patch Notes

The latest patch notes from Conan Exiles as posted on Steam. UPDATE 23: 6.4.2017 Patch Highlights (NEW CONTENT) The trebuchet siege engine has arrived and can help you tear down enemy walls and fortifications! Can be...


Ark – Patch notes 254.944

Updated: 13.2.2017 Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v254.944 Upcoming Version: v255, ETA: February 20 – New Dino: Electrophorus! – New Dino: Microraptor! – New Dino: Ammonite! – New Dino: Thylacoleo! – New Mechanic: Tek...