Star Citizen Ship prices

Star Citizen ingame ship prices

Star Citizen ship prices. These you can buy ingame with UEC, prices and locations. (Alpha 3.17.2)

The three major places where you can buy ships:

  • Astro Armada in Area 18, Planet ArcCorp
  • New Deal in Loreville, Planet Hurston
  • Crusader Showroom in Orison, Planet Crusader

You can view all ships, concept and in production on

Star Citizen ship prices

AegisAvenger Stalker882,200New Deal, Lorville
AegisAvenger Titan785,600New Deal, Lorville
AegisAvenger Warlock1,155,500New Deal, Lorville
AegisEclipse3,490,000New Deal, Lorville
AegisGladius1,169,900New Deal, Lorville
AegisHammerhead12,459,900New Deal, Lorville
AegisReclaimer15,126,400New Deal, Lorville
AegisRedeemer8,675,500New Deal, Lorville
AegisRetaliator4,031,700New Deal, Lorville
AegisSabre2,183,300New Deal, Lorville
AegisSabre Comet
AegisVanguard Hoplite3,104,200New Deal, Lorville
AegisVanguard Sentinel2,012,000New Deal, Lorville
AegisVanguard Warden3,387,800New Deal, Lorville
AnvilArrow972,300Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilSpartan255,500Astro Armada & New Deal
AnvilBallista364,500Astro Armada & New Deal
AnvilF7C Hornet1,492,700Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilF7CM Super Hornet2,132,600Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilF7CR Hornet Tracker1,832,100Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilF7CS Hornet Ghost1,654,100Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilCarrack26,657,500Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilGladiator1,954,500Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilHawk1,284,400Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilHurricane1,218,300Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilPisces Expedition C8X406,000Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilTerrapin2,568,100Astro Armada, Area 18
AnvilValkyrie4,454,400Astro Armada, Area 18
AopoaKhartu-Al2,113,900Astro Armada, Area 18
AopoaNox349,200Astro Armada, Area 18
AopoaNox Kue
ArgoMole5,130,500New Deal, Lorville
ArgoMPUV Cargo224,200New Deal, Lorville
ArgoMPUV Transport233,000New Deal, Lorville
BanuDefender2,781,000Astro Armada, Area 18
Consolidated OutlandHoverQuad88,000New Deal, Lorville
Consolidated OutlandMustang Alpha251,400New Deal, Lorville
Consolidated OutlandMustang Beta404,000New Deal, Lorville
Consolidated OutlandMustang Delta763,600Astro Armada, Area 18
Consolidated OutlandMustang Gamma627,500Astro Armada, Area 18
Consolidated OutlandNomad952,800New Deal, Lorville
Crusader IndustriesAres Inferno2,859,000Orville, Crusader Showroom
Crusader IndustriesAres Ion2,859,000Orville, Crusader Showroom
Crusader IndustriesA2 Hercules Starlifter5,525,000Orville, Crusader Showroom
Crusader IndustriesC2 Hercules Starlifter4,925,500Orville, Crusader Showroom
Crusader IndustriesM2 Hercules Starlifter5,225,300New Deal, Lorville
Crusader IndustriesMercury Star Runner4,912,500Orville, Crusader Showroom
DrakeBuccaneer1,410,100New Deal, Lorville
DrakeCaterpillar4,686,600New Deal, Lorville
DrakeCutlass Black1,385,300New Deal, Lorville
DrakeCutlass Blue2,493,500New Deal, Lorville
DrakeCutlass Red1,810,500 New Deal, Lorville
DrakeCutlass Steel1,355,300New Deal, Lorville
DrakeDragonfly272,700New Deal, Lorville
DrakeDragonfly Yellowjacket
DrakeHerald1,181,100New Deal, Lorville
EsperiaBlade3,370,600Astro Armada, Area 18
EsperiaProwler4,248,200Astro Armada, Area 18
EsperiaTalon1,854,500Astro Armada, Area 18
EsperiaTalon Shrike2,259,200Astro Armada, Area 18
GreycatROC172,000New Deal, Lorville
GreycatROC DS176,500New Deal, Lorville
GreycatPTV Buggy5,000Astro Armada, Area 18
KrugerP-52 Merlin135,500Astro Armada, Area 18
MISCFreelancer1,697,600New Deal, Lorville
MISCFreelancer DUR1,967,600New Deal, Lorville
MISCFreelancer MAX2,181,500New Deal, Lorville
MISCFreelancer MIS2,537,800New Deal, Lorville
MISCProspector2,061,000New Deal, Lorville
MISCRazor1,761,200New Deal, Lorville
MISCRazor EX1,878,800New Deal, Lorville
MISCRazor LX1,823,800New Deal, Lorville
MISCReliant Kore744,700New Deal, Lorville
MISCReliant Mako780,000New Deal, Lorville
MISCReliant Sen840,000New Deal, Lorville
MISCReliant Tana870,000New Deal, Lorville
MISCStarfarer6,651,500New Deal, Lorville
MISCStarfarer Gemini6,191,500New Deal, Lorville
Origin300i767,200Astro Armada, Area 18
Origin315p882,600Astro Armada, Area 18
Origin325a944,200Astro Armada, Area 18
Origin350r1,602,100Astro Armada, Area 18
Origin400i6,352,700Astro Armada & New Deal
Origin600i Touring9,894,100Astro Armada, Area 18
Origin85X574,500New Deal, Lorville
OriginM501,193,800Astro Armada & New Deal
Origin890 Jump32,294,500New Deal, Lorville
RSIAurora CL487,600New Deal, Lorville
RSIAurora ES214,850New Deal, Lorville
RSIAurora LN338,400New Deal, Lorville
RSIAurora LX245,500New Deal, Lorville
RSIAurora MR184,900New Deal, Lorville
RSIConstellation Andromeda3,548,000New Deal, Lorville
RSIConstellation Aquila4,926,700New Deal, Lorville
RSIConstellation Phoenix5,658,800New Deal, Lorville
RSIConstellation Taurus3,256,400New Deal, Lorville
RSIUrsa Rover66,300New Deal, Lorville
TumbrilCyclone28,086New Deal, Lorville
TumbrilCyclone AA28,086New Deal, Lorville
TumbrilCyclone RC28,086New Deal, Lorville
TumbrilCyclone RN28,086New Deal, Lorville
TumbrilCyclone TR28,086New Deal, Lorville
TumbrilCyclone MT28,086New Deal, Lorville

Current list is based on Star Citizen patch 3.17.2.

The location of the shops

  • Astro Armada, Area 18 – Main district. “Neon sparkle waterfall”, and over the bridge.
  • New Deal, Orville Crusader Industries Showroom – Located on Cloudview Center
  • New Deal, Lorville Spaceport – New deal is located at Lorville Spaceport.