News, updates and patches

25.08.2016 Ark server taken down
26.07.2016 Ark Modded server up
25.04.2016 Ark server up
8.02.2015 Minecrafter server updated
17.01.2015 New Minecrafter server @Fragnet
15.03.2013 At this moment we dont have any DayZ servers. Later this month a Arma 3 server will be available.
12.03.2013 Looking into the possibility to set up a Ultima Online server.
4.03.2013 Servers updated, some down time might accure between 4th and 5th of March.
31.01.2013 Celle server shutdown all the time, some bug. Taken down and installed DayZ 2017.
28.01.2013 Updated! Thirsk and Celle both on latest versions now.

Servers hosted by Fragnet

Currently no server up.