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Movies I recently watched or am hyped about. Being a huge fan of movies I go more for the entertainment value, not the production value. And as a side note, I do love B-movies too, specially horror flicks.

Iron Man 3 – Release Dates

Robert Downey Jr. will be back as TonyStark/Iron Man late spring this year. While waiting you might as well watch The Avengers or Iron man 1 and 2. Better yet, watch all of the Avenger movies from...

World War Z – Trailer

There just can’t be enough Zombies. Brad Pitt stars in this latest addition to the genre, World War Z. The trailer looks promising and the full movie will be in theaters June 2013.

Die Hard in Russia

Bruce Willis is returning as John McClane to help out his son over in Russia. I understood the Nakatomi plaza heist, wrong  place, wrong time. I even got the airport in Die Hard 2 and the...