Conan Exiles Patch notes

PATCH 10.02.2017

  • Added ability to directly connect to a server by entering its IP and port. This may be done from a new button on the bottom-left of the ingame server browser.

This is intended to circumvent the issue with connecting to LAN servers.

  • Performed optimizations to help reduce server lag.
  • Fixed certain cases where altars would disappear after a server restart. If you still encounter this issue, please let us know!
  • Fixed connecting to dedicated servers when a LAN server is running on the network.
  • The ghostly warrior to the southwest of the Exiled Lands has passed on to the next realm.

PATCH 09.02.2017

  • Servers should no longer crash when joining/leaving guilds with thralls

PS: We are still working on the Disappearing Altars issues.

PATCH 08.02.2017

  • Steam Connect and passwords should be working properly again. Which should help with services such as
  • You will now be able to change filters on the server browser while the list is refreshing
  • The crafting bug involving duped phantom items should now be fixed (Praise Crom!)
  • Thralls will no longer attack unconscious NPCs
  • After a few turns on the wheel of pain the server browser has promised to stop brutalizing network adaptors.

PS: We are working on the Clans crashing Servers and Disappearing Altars issues.

PATCH 07.02.2017

  • – Fixed potential server crash with chat system.
  • – Fixed a server crash that could occur when “actors” left the world.
  • – Postpone steam connection until the map is loaded (should help servers timing out)
  • – Physx will now run on multiple threads on the server which should improve performance.
  • – Thralls will now attack other human NPCs.
  • – Thralls now change ownership on joining guilds.
  • – Fixed exploit that could occur when players crafted foundations.
  • – When joining a server that server will also be favorited automatically.

PS: We are still working on removing the crafting station bug.

PATCH 06.02.2017


  • Fix for placeables disappearing on server restart
  • Fix for connecting to servers from the Steam server list
PATCH 05.02.2017

  • Network usage optimizations
  • Server Performance optimizations
  • Server memory usage optimizations
  • Upgraded from sqlite 3.9.2 to 3.16.2
  • Players with high strength should now be able to knock out NPCs with the truncheon instead of killing them.
  • The Cutlass and Falcata should not be able to damage T1 buildings anymore.
  • Players should now be able to join password protected games from Steam Server List.
  • Fixed steam://connect/ip handling – Steam connect works now so that sites such as should work properly now.
  • Fixed an issue in the Land Claim system that could allow players to build too close to other players. This may result in some lost building pieces if they overlap into land that had already been claimed by another player.
  • We have had some issues with the game state getting corrupt on servers in certain cases. We have made the interactions with the game database more robust, and added regular checks for its integrity during runtime. We have also fixed some cases where this would happen, but are still investigating if there are other potential occurrences.As counter measures to the system, and since already corrupted databases will not be automatically recoverable we have implemented a recovery system:On server startup, if the game encounters a corrupted Database it will attempt to recover to the last database backup that is not corrupted. This will make the status of the game be reverted to a previous working world state, which may result in loss of progression. To help with this, the game will now creating database backups much more often.

    These are temporary measures while we keep working to eliminate the database corruption altogether.

PATCH 04.02.2017

  • Optimized network traffic which should help with performance
  • Server crash fix
  • Server hang fix
  • Made saving and loading of game state more robust
  • Added additional troubleshooting information to the server logs
  • Sacrificed a chicken on the Altar of Set
PATCH 03.02.2017

  • Fixed a server crash that resulted when players entered specific areas of the game.
  • Players should now receive an informative dialogue box when failing to connect to the game.
  • Added a fix to address the main menu becoming unresponsive when entering an incorrect password on the server browser
  • The password dialogue will now have focus when opened
  • Admins will now be able to scroll the player list properly…sorry about that!

PATCH 02.02.2017

  • Removed network congestion from big buildings, reducing lag
  • Disabled random NPC taunts during combat
  • Fixed an issue with some players getting stuck after character creation
  • Fixed a bug where loading screens disappear (showing main menu or the world)
  • Fixed incorrect settings on port values for servers, making it less likely you will be disconnected when entering a new server
  • Added a “Show full servers” checkbox to the server window
  • Introduced a possible fix for building pieces not loading properly
  • Graphics driver check on startup, encouraging you to update if needed
  • Several other minor tweaks and improvements
  • Fixed thralls resetting on server restart. The issue occured if people picked up then placed their thralls again. They weren’t being saved.

PATCH 31.01.2017

  • Fixed an issue that was causing disconnects when joining servers in certain cases
  • Fix for Steam Connect; you should now be able to join a server when the client is running from the Steam server list (not just the clients)
  • Voice chat has been disabled during character creation
  • Loot bags will now despawn correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to server stalls
  • Servers are now sorted by number of players on server

Round 2:

  • The server selection menu should now be fixed, showing you all servers and without delay
  • Fists, Repair Hammer, and low level weapons can no longer damage buildings
  • Issues with people dying from hunger after respawn should be fixed

PATCH 31.01.2017 @ 9:36am
For fixes to some of the common issues we have right now, check out this thread to see if you find a sollution to your problem:
Ongoing fixes and improvements:

  • Adding new features and content
  • Improving the artificial intelligence for creatures and NPCs
  • Fixing general bugs and glitches
  • Adjusting floating assets, such as resources or foliage
  • Balancing the crafting and progression system
  • Introducing more types of thralls
  • Introducing more types of craftable items
  • Introducing more types of creatures
  • Introducing more lore and story elements
  • Introducing more placeables such as traps