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Conan Exiles – The Frozen North

Far to the north, a vast new land has been discovered. A cold and rugged landscape where snow-capped mountains and dark, haunted forests stretch as far as the eye can see. Here, between the desperate howls...

Conan Exiles sold 320.000 in a week

Conan Exiles: Patch 25 – 25.4.2017

A new update has been released! This one comes with over 50 emotes and several bug and exploit fixes. Patch changelog: Patch Highlights EXPLOIT FIX: You can no longer raid bases in an unintended way by...

Conan Exiles - Cinematic

Conan Exiles update 24 – Dungeon “The Dregs”

New dungeon, recipies, armor and weapons. Patch Highlights NEW CONTENT: Added a new dungeon “The Dregs” Re-enabled the hammer secondary attack Disabled 2H spear secondary attack Further tweaks to NPC camps (especially capitals) to allow them...

Thrall animation

Conan Exiles: Patch 22

Finally a new patch is out!  Announcing the Exploit Hunters! We’re still in the early days of our Early Access adventure and there is a lot work left to be done before final release of Conan...

Dye system, Taming, Dungeons and new Biome

Conan Exiles’ Early Access period to last about a year before full launch in 2018. During this period we’ll be adding some major updates to the game in the form of things like The Purge, animal...

Conan Exiles Map

Conan Exiles – Interactive Map

I am currently working on a interactive map for Conan Exiles. Will add points of interest, resources and thrall locations. Still in early progress but I will try to get it up and running soon. This...

Conan Exiles - Cinematic

Conan Exiles – Patch Notes

The latest patch notes from Conan Exiles as posted on Steam. UPDATE 23: 6.4.2017 Patch Highlights (NEW CONTENT) The trebuchet siege engine has arrived and can help you tear down enemy walls and fortifications! Can be...

Conan Exiles - Base view


Videos recorded Base tour on Single player Touring the lands and getting a level 2 blacksmith, who actually wakes up Brimstone location in the crocodile cave, south part of the map